Editorial: Why New Technologies Will Help To Restore The Sexual Balance In Humanity

I’ve said it many times, but I believe that it is true and have a great deal of faith in the notion that future technology will restore the balance in human sexuality, which is not currently being met. But before I explain how, I must briefly discuss the current imbalance.

Today, sex is everywhere. But I don’t mean that in a good way. Obviously, people want to watch videos on sites like PornHub and 18twink.xxx, but I think there needs to be a limit. Sex is probably “too everywhere” and when people are conditioned to seeing it at such a high frequency, there are bound to be issues. We’re getting far too much sexual simulation and we’re burying our eyes in fake pornographic concepts that are made for the camera and do not reflect actual sex between humans, we even go as far as depicting these very same “fake” acts in various animated sexual scenes too, on sites such as cartoonporno.xxx and others. In short, real sex is not porn. It’s not even close. In fact, the whole big dick thing is a bit of an issue because most men do not have a porn sized penis, it’s a literal one in a million thing, nor are there as many size queens as you might expect. Women are not visual creatures, they are emotional creatures that will become attracted to anything that they can develop an emotional attachment to. In all honesty, gay men are more attracted to large size penises, because they are visual creatures like other men. That’s why they like watching videos on fuckedgay.xxx too. Men are visual, women are emotional. There are of course exceptions and you probably don’t want them anyway. After all, exceptions will find other exceptions. Of course, this is only an example of how brainwashed porn and the overabundance of sexual stimuli have brainwashed our society.

Instead of trying to find success in life, people are more worried about procreation and have put sex on a pedestal. Who are these people? Well, aside from horny fuckboys, we also have the incels. I’ve already explained much about these and will not go into any more detail here. Obviously, these people have become a problem for women and are actually a danger to themselves and others. So what do we do? Well, we fix the problem that the overabundance of sexual stimuli and technological isolation have caused with, you guessed it… more technology. In other words, we’ll fight fire with fire.

Now, here’s how this will work. A couple of ideas regarding augmented and virtual reality are being thrown around which I cannot personally speak about because it is too early to discuss such concepts in full. In addition, basic loverbots will also be available. While I predict that the process will take around five to fifteen years to complete, the results will feature lifelike interpretations of anyone that has a photograph on the internet. This will mean that not only will people be able to see Daisy Dillon naked online, they will be able to have sex with a loverbot that looks identical to her! The lonely male or female can use a doll as a peripheral to a virtual reality or augmented reality experience in which to emulate the sex. It’s not perfect, but such improvements will come overtime. As has been expressed, dolls feel very lifelike to the body and will result in the excretion of the same vasopressin hormones and oxytocin in the brain that is not excreted during normal masturbation. The brain in a sense, is being tricked into sexual intercourse with a non-human entity that very much resembles a very human experience and elicits the same pleasure. More will be added to programs overtime and of course, the dolls might not even be necessary as other peripherals might be created. Yes, a company tried to do this years ago on an IndieGogo but was kicked off, despite reaching a large sum of money in an instant. That was also done over a decade ago. Technology has advanced over the last couple of years. Though these methods might be expensive at first, they will eventually become much cheaper overtime. If you have money for a game console, you will have money for a sex simulator as well. It can be almost guaranteed that lonely men will jump at the chance to try this out and will actually receive the same pleasure chemicals that they are not getting, which are essential to mental health and well-being. Now as for the touching factor, which we are also greatly missing out on, even in normal sex between two people; a suit might be able to emulate that. It is too early to tell. As far as robots are concerned, those will also be available but will not be considered a viable option due to price and lack of intelligence in our current era. It may take decades before such an advancement occurs by which this could become a viable option. By the time that happens, I’ll have a beard as large as that of Dr. Light.

Now that I’ve discussed the process, I will explain how these devices will change not only how we interact with others, but the entire state of mating as we know it. As of now, we are a very vain society with women wearing enough makeup to pass for circus clowns and men going to the gym more than probably ever necessary in order to achieve the look of a celebrity. Celebrities are everywhere after all, we just can’t get enough of famous people and we’ve cared more about what they have to say than anyone in the world right now. So of course, we are going to base our images around them, regardless of how fake these images are. But after we’ve been through these simulations where we can achieve the ideal sexual fantasies with anyone that we want, we might soon decide that we don’t need to judge people based on looks anymore. Because why do you need to be with someone who looks a certain way, if you’ve already had the experience? It would no longer add up and people would be forced to bring more to the table than just looks alone. What’s more, is that looks wouldn’t even be an issue anymore, Gone would be the gym-toned bodies and the pounds of chemical toxins applied to the face. People would start looking like normal people again. Maybe women would no longer feel the need to make themselves up as well, especially since there wouldn’t be a need to make themselves up for anyone. They could literally do what they wanted, which would also save them a great deal of money because cosmetics are quite expensive. There wouldn’t be a such thing as a fuckboy or an incel, because they would all be getting an experience that would only become closer to the real thing until it eventually surpasses it in quality. And I don’t mince words here: It will.

What this would equal is an end to the millions of dick pics and sexual solicitations in social media, not to mention the harassment, stalking and possibly even rape. It’s a bit of a stretch, but if men are preoccupied they might not even have the urge to go outside and commit harm to women in order to overpower them. Sad as it may be, rape fantasies would probably be indulged to the fullest extent, which would, in theory; bring actual rape cases down a staggering amount. The same can be also said of pedophilia, but I still stand by my Pedophile Island idea, which I may discuss along with The Pain Room in a later article. As you see, this removes the value system placed on women of today, which is mainly an appearance based system, rather than a skills based system. One might say that it has always been this way, though relationships should be more about what one can offer, rather than what one looks like. Granted, we will always have things that we like in others and shouldn’t be deprived of that, but to consider the whole of dating and relationships largely built upon an appearance based economy is foolish. Looks fade, after all. How beautiful the sand castles that we’ve built, these things that will not last. It would honestly be great to see an end to the ridiculous amounts of dating sites, selfies and photo effects over-utilized in this appearance based economy, where someone is chosen based merely on what they offer at face value. Oh, how foolish we are in retrospect that such a solution must even be suggested. But here we are.

– The Grim Lord

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