Eisley/Goldy – Blood, Guts and Games (2017)


Blood, Guts and Games

Frontiers Records

If you’re like me and absolutely love the sound of eighties hard-driving rock, then you absolutely need to add this one to your collection. The album is rife with thick synths, crazy solos and soaring vocals that sound like they would feel right at home in the end credits of a golden age Norris, Schwarzenegger or Stallone film. The band is a result of a partnership between David Glen Eisley (Sorcery) and Craig Goldy, formerly of Dio. It’s also the first that we’ve heard from Eisley since his ’01 solo effort. Unfortunately, that might also be where the disc struggles just a tad, because we can hear a bit of age weathered onto Eisley’s voice and it makes me think that if this project had gotten off the ground a decade or so earlier, we might have had a much different outcome. Though despite the fact that these gentlemen are much older now, the atmosphere of the piece still remains constant. For instance, “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” comes on like a kick-ass serenade from an eighties action flick, while “Lies I Can Live With” is the very essence of an eighties ballad. Backing this project is is session drummer Ron Wilsko, who has worked with acts like David Lee Roth and Cher, so he’s definitely got the chops to capture not only the sound of classic rock, but also the eighties feel so necessary for this kind of release. Blood, Guts and Games literally sounds like it was recorded in a completely different period of time, which might cause some to laugh in the face of it’s cheesiness, while others might come to embrace it’s AOR sensibilities. “No More Prayers At Night” also reminds me quite a bit of Dio in his golden age, which is certainly a high water mark in my opinion. It could also be compared to the Sabbath effort Headless Cross which just doesn’t get enough respect as far as I’m concerned. The record is recommended for fans of House Of Lords, Def Leppard, Night Ranger and others, but I personally enjoy Eisley/Goldy a bit more than those aforementioned – yes, even Def Leppard, unless I’m missing out on some killer eighties synth rock tunes. I could definitely play several of these cuts again and again however, especially “No More Prayers At Night” which I’ll have to reiterate – is absolutely killer. If there was a new Nightmare On Elm Street film with an eighties vibe released this year, I could definitely see this track being an accompaniement for it. In my opinion, it just doesn’t get anymore eighties than this. Blood, Guts and Games is definitely worth a listen for eighties fans, who are right now counting the days until the third season of Stranger Things.

(10 Tracks, 63:00)


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