Ektomorf – Aggressor (2015)

Hungar’s Ektomorf are back with another record just a year after last year’s Retribution. But rest assured, those expecting the same kind of chunky groove/nu-metal will find exactly what they’re looking for here. Interestingly enough, George Corpsegrinder guests on “You Can’t Get More” (4:23) and “Emotionless World” (3:26) actually features a clean vocal style from frontman/guitarist Zoli Farkas as well as a radio friendly chorus note that I would have never expected. The rest of the tracks here are pretty cut and paste as far as groove metal and mid-era Sepultura/early-Soulfly influence goes, and the majority of them utilize the same chunky bass riffs for the rest of the album. Fans of Ektomorf know exactly what to expect from this one, but everyone else is just going to see them as something of a Soulfly knock-off. The records they’re emulating were good to me back in high school, but here I’m not really all that enamored. It’s definitely coming in at an “if it ain’t broke” style however, so you won’t have to worry about a record that veers too far from it’s territory. But perhaps at this point, it’s what these guys will need to stay relevant.

(14 Tracks, 46:00)


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