Ektomorf – Retribution (2014)

Ektomorf - Retribution

“Even frontman Zoli Farkas tries so hard to sound like Max Cavalera that it’s ridiculous. “Ten Plagues” could have easily been on a Soulfly album, as well as “Who The Fuck Are You?” and virtually every other track on the disc. Hell, it’s damn near plagiarism to be honest – but at least they’ve done these bands justice. Keep in mind that Ektomorf has been around since 1993, but I’m not sure what kind of band they were back in those days and how they got into the style that they’re doing now. Down-tuned riffs and thick grooves compose the musical structure of this album, with a few slower chugs where spoken words of encouragement are spoken as you might expect. It’s a formula that we’ve all heard before, including “Numb And Sick” which features Ill Nino frontman Christian Machado on vocals; as he does exactly what you’d expect him to do – stick to clean chorus lines. Granted, the man is clearly noted for doing this; but it doesn’t work to make this incredibly short number memorable…”

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