Electric Six – Bride Of The Devil (2018)

Electric Six

Bride Of The Devil

Metropolis Records

Though this is something I never expected to review here, the latest album from Electric Six caught my ear into the third or fourth cut. There’s a bit of a Goth rock gone punk, then alt-rock, blues and even country vibe to this whole thing and its completely obvious that Electric Six change genres like they do their socks. The record isn’t all that long, but it contains enough meat in it’s thirty-two minute playing time to leave a mark. If the soft ballad “(It Gets) A (Little) Jumpy” doesn’t get you, the funk-rocker “Safety Girl” just might. I keep thinking there’s a comic in there somewhere. Then we have “You’re Toast” which has enough country influence and southern drawl to it, that I was almost convinced that I was listening to a Clutch track. But once again, that shows you how diverse Electric Six are. They don’t care about fitting in, they just want to make catchy music and I have a lot of respect for that. “Hades Ladies” is another great one, with a notable mix of funk and blues. Lyrically though, I enjoyed “Full Moon Over The Internet” which more or less describes social media in a nutshell. This coming from man who has learned to deal with social media addiction and uses several programs to subside it. (I recommend Off The Grid) And yeah, you really have to watch what you say, which is actually kind of frightening, because that means that you can’t express your own opinion anymore. It can get excessively crazy and then people start throwing out death threats, dive bombing your workplace and more. If anything, it shows just how horrible the human race is in general and how as Maynard James Keenan said in an interview with Joe Rogan, “We need a meteor.”

That being said, Electric Six definitely appealed to me in their smart lyrical delivery and willingness to experiment far beyond the normal constraints of rock music. Maybe they’ll never make commercial radio, but that’s fine as I’m sure the band will make plenty of pennies from all the Spotify plays that they’ll get from this one. Even so, it’s the music that counts and they’ve delivered that in my opinion. Check out this weird approach to rock at the link below.

(10 Tracks, 32:00)


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