Empty Chalice – Emerging Is Submerging (2017)


Emerging Is Submerging


The latest album from Empty Chalice, Emerging Is Submerging provides a series of lengthy atmopsheric bursts that I can ultimately describe as rather unsettling to say the very least. “Look Into My Eyes” offers the classic atmospheric drone, sounding almost a bit tribal, while “Muffled Screams” throws us directly into the unexpectedly frightening territory of a horror film. “Sidereal” thrusts the listener into some sort of lost civilization, where further approaches end up in the ramblings of an indecipherable ancient tongue. The title cut transports us into a sort of industrial facility, wherein various machine noises can be heard, which is rather expectable for this genre and possibly a little bit too similar to many other artists within it. It’ll probably serve as a good soundtrack for Dead Space or Prey, however. The last cut here is “Stolen Breaths and Destroyed Hope” where our listener will find themselves in the middle of a xenomorph nest. This was the most accurate way I could describe it, recalling the original nest scene from the first Alien film. Empty Chalice provides something different with every track on this album, which is a bit of a rarity in the atmospheric/industrial/noise field. From influences in horror and sci-fi films to meditations in the form of ancient rituals and lost civilizations, this act simply delivers it all.

(5 Tracks, 60:00)


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