Empyrium – Into The Pantheon (Live) (2013 NN Promo)

Empyrium - Into The Pantheon

“After what seemed like ages of silence, one of metal’s most unique bands have finally come out of the fog to present a thrilling live celebration of their legacy. It’s understandable that some of you might not be aware of Empyrium at all, and I found them on a whim just a few years back. As for this performance, it’s of an amazingly high quality that sounds about as clear as a studio performance would, showcasing some of the band’s most well-known tracks with an unparalleled clarity. “The Days Before The Fall” begins with light, almost tribal folk music set to the tune of beautiful clean vocals. But guitars also make an appearance in the track as well, as Empyrium is still a metal band in some aspects. “The Franconian Woods In Winter’s Silence” continues with this same approach, yet definitely revs the band’s sound into high gear near the end of the track. But it’s this mix of brooding folk and death metal that has made the band something of a rare gem, although you won’t really hear a great deal of the death metal influenced tracks on this recording. Next begins “At Night Where The Wood Grouse Plays” from the record of the same name, which made a perfect night time mix and seems to elicit the same feeling here. Once again, there’s something truly uncanny about these gentlemen, and hearing these classics in a live presentation with cutting-edge technology is remarkable…”

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