Exmortus – For The Horde 7″ (2015)

Apparently Exmortus is working on a new album and here’s our first single from it. “For The Horde” (3:47) seems well enough, except for the fact that it doesn’t really get flamboyant and interesting until later in the listen. It’s pretty basic, unfortunately and doesn’t leave much to be desired until the track is almost over. Fortunately, there’s a slight bonus cut here, which is a Yngwie Malmsteen cover of “As Above So Below” (4:49.) It features a lot of galloping riffs, in addition to bright melodies that definitely range on classical. It almost sounds like a video game composition, and could work as stage music without the vocals. Exmortus have always been big about those huge neoclassical style melodies and solos that the Japanese love, so it makes complete sense as to why they would want to cover this kind of song. Ultimately, the single is only decent at best; with the cover proving to be utterly tremendous.

(2 Tracks, 8:00)


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