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EyeHateGod - self titled

EyeHateGod – EyeHateGod (2014) – Alright, go ahead and stone me. Just do it. This is the first full-length EyeHateGod record that I’ve heard in its entirety, even though they’re fucking NOLA legends and I ought to be bitchslapped for not checking out their previous work. I remember hearing “Dixie Whiskey” on a comp a while back and just couldn’t get into that song or any of the other songs that I had heard from the band at the time. It just sounded like a lot of amp fuzz and distortion and was so incredibly raw that it didn’t work for me. But I have to say that this new record, their first in ten fucking years and last with long time drummer Joey LaCaze is definitely more up to my speed. Maybe it’s the fact that I can actually fucking hear these guys now, or maybe it’s the fact that my brain has become such mush that I just don’t even fucking care anymore. The Sabbath grooves and punk sensibility that overwhelms this thing just seem to speak to me for some odd reason. These guys sound like what punk should sound like now, to be honest. It’s loud, it’s rough, it’s rowdy and it’s got a lot of piss and vinegar that you just don’t hear from other bands. Fucking reminds me of Acid Bath too and yeah, I did my fucking research there so don’t school me on those guys. So much for professionalism on this review, but I guess that matches the material. After all, I doubt that these guys want someone with a boatload of degrees in musical composition who listens to mainly modern rock and pop music reviewing their disc anyway. In other words, this seems to be the kind of band who would tell Rolling Stone to fuck right off. Anyone who finds themselves counting invisible fuzzies while listening to Coldplay has no place listening to the sludge, grime and filth that EyeHateGod create with this rightly named self-titled album. If you like thumping blues grooves and harsh vocalizing along with pungent drumming, you’re going to get down with this record immediately. I’ll be honest and tell you that there’s not a whole lot of variation here, but chances are that you’re too stoned to care. Which is really the best fucking time to play this kind of music. You put in the CD, and then you turn on the TV to some random show, press the mute button and then smoke until you can’t feel your feet anymore. These guys don’t endorse the hard drugs anymore, because they totally fucked them up and had to get clean. But I don’t endorse the hard drugs either, so that works for me too. Most people don’t even realize that though I’ve had more than my fair share of the green stuff, I’ve never actually smoked a tobacco cigarette. Never even had the urge to do it. I drink though, on occasion. Listening to this record would definitely be one of those occasions where a little bit of whiskey wouldn’t hurt. There’s actually a rather long number on the disc called “Flags And Cities Bound 7:10” which sees a lot of atmosphere, amp fuzz and some definite doom dirges. Mike IX Williams even offers some spoken word vocals on the track, creating more of atmospheric vibe to the piece. The same of course can be said about Joey LaCaze, who proves that he really was all about the kit. To sum up this malformed and shot to hell review that I’ve managed to punch out at nearly 2:00 in the fucking morning (no joke), EyeHateGod sounds exactly like EyeHateGod on this album, which is a good thing considering they could have used this ten year absence to do what most bands do, and “reinvent” themselves. You get what you pay for with this album and chances are that you already fucking have it if you’re a longtime fan. I will say that the more I listen to it, the more it soaks in and I feel that I’m starting to understand the atmosphere that was above my head (or maybe below it?) ten years ago. Fuck yeah.

(11Tracks, 43:00)



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