Feral – Forever Resonating In Blood (2017) (Submission)


Forever Resonating In Blood

Oracle Productions

A completely unexpected bland of Canadian black metal that reminds of acts like Agalloch, Burzum, Emperor and others (like the Bandcamp page says) but also adds into unexpected qualities – the vocals remind me a bit of Dani Filth albeit with a slight dip into DSBM howl territory. So I should hate it then, right? Wrong. There’s one thing about the disc that really allows it to stand out and that would be the ridiculously amazing and over the fucking top guitar solos. Yes, the kind of noodling that you might expect to hear on a Yngwie Malmsteen or a Guns N’ Roses album somehow or another wound up in this cold Canadian forest atmosphere, which definitely works for me. The performance is definitely a bit raw though, with the whole thing sounding like it was recorded in a small cube. Muffled, would be the correct word. The disc even takes on some light core semblances, as well as few death metal growls that help to build onto this oddly crafted formula. J. Feral might not be the best vocalist I’ve ever heard (and some of the screams and shouts work their way completely out of key) but he is definitely one of the best guitarists I’ve heard in the black metal genre. Why? Because again, the guy isn’t afraid to shred on a black metal album. I mean, black metal purists have already forgotten about this one because it wasn’t made in Norway around ’96, so he may as well appeal to listeners of all types of music, like me. Forever Resonating In Blood is the kind of album that I can take or leave as far as the vocals are concerned, but I don’t even feel mine are all that great, so there you go. Once again though, it’s all about the playing for me. In my honest opinion, J. Feral is one of those few guitarists that could actually do the world a great deal of justice by releasing a shred album. This guy is so talented, that he should try out for a major label band and I’m not kidding. He should head online and look for bands that have recently lost an axeman, because I think he’d do well there. I mean, it’s not like he can’t still do the black metal stuff, but a little world tour couldn’t hurt.

(9 Tracks, 55:00)


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