Fetish Dolls Die Laughing (2012)

Fetish DollsFetish Dolls Die Laughing
100 mins
Directed by David Silvio

Who the hell did the music? Is grandma a man? This film is about tickle torture… that’s a new one. Let’s tickle the babysitter to death. It’s hard having sex with your clothes on. Guy has an insane foot fetish. This woman didn’t see the axe the cameraman was holding? Dude’s dead wife tickles him in his dream. Woman tells the Asian chick she wants her to suffer. The only one who’s suffering is the person watching this damn film. Oh no, it’s the tickle monster. He’s going to get you. Tickle monster stay away!  The Maid of Honor killer goes after all the maids because his wife ditched him for one. Why would a guy suck on a woman’s toes? That guillotine scene is a fucking awesome idea of torture. Guy tickled the detective to insanity.



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