Flesh Hoarder – Homicidal Necrophile (2018)

Flesh Hoarder

Homicidal Necrophile

Comatose Records

Though admittedly a bit soft for death metal and extremely raw by most counts, these guys definitely carry the classic sound of brutal death with them. It’s not as polished as Aborted Fetus and doesn’t sound as mainstream and trendy as Abhorrent Deformity did. The guitars seem a dull roar, but the drums are quite active for the most part the vocals seem to keep up the pace pretty well. The bass buries much of the sound, but it is also where the band is at its most thunderous. At least these guys attempted a trippy sort of instrumental cut with “Abuse Of Corpse” that shows a potential for greater things down the road. Even though the guitar doesn’t really seem that memorable, there are more than a few nodes of prog and technicality that might make the band stand out if they weren’t so buried in the back. This record is so warm with bass that it could be used as a space heater. The rawness of the performance actually sounds a mere step up from a demo, which isn’t really saying much in hindsight. While I don’t dislike what is offered here, it is not really all that memorable and just feels like toast with a bit of jelly. Homicidal Necrophile is mostly dry bread, but it has a touch of flavor here and there to keep it from becoming a total slog. The audio clips are the only other segment of the listen that manage to keep it interesting. If you still want to check out the effort that has been offered here however, you can give it a listen at the link below.

(11 Tracks, 38:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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