Fornicus – Storming Heaven

Fornicus - Storming Heaven

Fornicus – Storming Heaven (2014 SPOTLIGHT) – Fornicus is a truly impressive mixture of death, thrash and melodic black metal from Kentucky of all places, and it’s definitely worth getting your hands on, even though I haven’t started the full review yet. Aside from the intro, every one of these songs kick a multitude of ass and also take on a slightly different style so that it doesn’t sound like one band playing the same damn song for nearly forty minutes. “We Are Sin 4:05” thunders in with black/thrash smattered with a hint of growls every now and then, and all are quite welcome in the mixture, just as much as the creepy little melody lines that also find their way into the piece. It’s a great way to begin an album that just keeps getting better. “Palium Mali 4:44” balances groove with scowls and it really pounds down into death metal territory towards the end. “King Of The Egoists 5:27” features some really great drum and guitar work right from the start, as a blackened thrash envelops right out nowhere – I’m telling you, this shit’s unreal. Then you’ve got a great melody section right near the end that delivers just as well as the song did in the beginning. I almost don’t want it to end. Obviously, you can tell who the band’s influences are immediately; but it’s definitely certain that all of these influences have been represented with a certain amount of vigor and detail as has been expressed with the performance that I’m hearing on this record. Then right after that awesomeness, “Into Obscurity 6:32” comes in with a truly memorable black and groove that isn’t afraid to throw some blasts into the mix, as well as an unexpected guitar solo. The band also manages to pull off a ripping cover of Sepultura’s “Antichrist 4:12”, as they then proceed to smash skulls into dust with the album’s title cut (5:44). Following all of this is an amazing black metal influenced closer entitled “The Beckoning 6:43” which offers no remorse in the beginning, then flows into a passionate tremolo lead that works entirely well with the repeating chorus at the end of the track. All in all, it’s a tremendously awesome release that is well worth getting your hands on. As a reviewer, you get so many bands that you hardly expect when one blows you right through the fucking wall. Yet with Fornicus, I’m still picking my teeth up off the ground.

(8 Tracks, 38:00)



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