Wyrd – Gastir: Ghosts Invited (2019)

Gahl actually released a new one this year too, this time under the name Wyrd. It was called Gastiir – Ghosts Invited and it seems to follow the same format of God Seed, just without all the electronics. That’s not to say that there aren’t effects on the album, but it doesn’t sound quite as industrial and instead features more of a familiar black metal tone. The record contains a few dazzling melodies as well as some guitar solos here and there and it has an obvious “ghostly” vibe. I’m not really sure why the ghostly vibe is here, but it is rather unique and a breath of fresh air from what I am hearing in the black metal underground. Yes, everyone and their mother can now make a black metal album in this grand digital age, but that doesn’t mean that the recording will be good or even unique. It’s refreshing to hear differences in vocal style as well, as we do get a bit tired of the common snarls and scowls so prevalent in the genre. I think the record got overshadowed by a slew of other black metal discs, but it requires more investment because of it’s spooky little atmosphere. Just perfect for the time of year.




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