Game & Rant Video, September 20th, 2018 – King Of Fighters XIII

Topics Discussed:

1. Paul Seelig, aliens and channeling
2. Why a position of power must be earned
3. Sex dolls and sex bots (TFM Podcast)
4. Frustration of dealing with women for so many years, workplace safety(MGTOW content)
5. Bob Iger’s decision to slow down production of Star Wars films
6. Hypergamy in Solo (MGTOW content, video to be released later)
7. The PS1 classic and the lack of content (should have every game released in both the US and Europe – Slap $300 on it and I’m sold, plus an AC adapter)
8. Classic PS2 RPGS – Shadow Hearts and Xenosaga
9. Bitching about artificial difficulty in this game.

Yes, my characters jump around a bit. I’m playing arcade mode with random teams on “Hard” level difficulty.

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