Games & Rants 10/30/18 – White Day (Remake) (Tower Terrors)

This is the final video in these Tower Terrors series for this year. We’ll have new horror videos next year. Apologies for the banner, YouTube and I are NOT getting along. (Bitchuters ignore this message)

Discussion topics include sex doll issues (care and maintenance) as well as foam dolls and Teddy Babes. (

I also discussed sociopolitical issues and the music industry as a whole. If the musicians get paid more, than the writers should also make money. Rock is not doing so well in the industry to begin with, but I also blame larger sites like No Clean Singing for helping to create the “volunteer work” model in the music industry.

This is another half drunk video, but it’s a fun one. The game isn’t all that great though, I like Detention a bit more.

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