Games & Rants 9/28/18 – Timespinner

This covers up to just after the second boss in the game, more videos are coming on my YouTube and Bitchute channels in the future as I will attempt to complete this amazing game.

– Slight crash at the beginning. No biggie.

Topics Discussed:

Several regarding AAVE, prejudice and whether or not it is a natural instinct, anthropology regarding human characteristics of the chimp and bonobo, the ridiculous of white power supremacy and an ethnostate, possibility of an economic fallout and why we shouldn’t provoke people who have clear mental issues regarding their ability to process anger. And the game.

Ignore the dog barking or any blips from the television in the other room that you might hear. This was recorded during the day, so those things are expected. I apologize for the loudness of my mic or the game itself and may turn it down during future videos. I was trying to drown out Dr. Phil. Seriously.

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