Gaped – The Murderous Inception

Gaped - The Murderous Inception

Gaped – The Murderous Inception (2014) – Gaped is a death metal act and this is the first outing that they’ve created. It’s also very short, but just enough to show what they’ve got to offer. It begins with a hell of a soundclip on “Let The Cutting Begin 4:02” which goes right into pummeling drums and thick gravel. But that’s fine, it’s what I expect. Grooves, drums and gravel continue throughout the piece as some slight structural change occurs. A nice solos breaks into the piece and we’ve definitely got some Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation/Dying Fetus worship going on here. Ultimately it’s a memorable piece that goes right into “Succumb 4:06” where an uncomfortable melody and extremely catchy vocal approach comes right in amidst the groove to make for another memorable death metal track. Two cuts in and these guys are already killing it. This is how good death metal is made. A little bit of experimentation here and there on the riffs, but this is 2014 so that’s understandable. I think the solo on this track is much stronger than the first one and it’s much longer. Once again, I’m quite pleased with this offering. “Skin Suit 3:24” features a faster drum approach, a short vocal bout and another fucking solo right there in the middle. it’s got groove, gravel and solos. That’s enough for me. “Whites Of Your Eyes 3:47” continues the same formula, as the disc ends with “Realm Of Impurity 4:23.” Once again, it’s an ultimately unforgettable vocal performance, with the band’s frontman being one of the catchiest I’ve heard in years. I also love the fucking lyrics on this album. It’s quite easy to discern what he’s saying here, so if you can understand gravel as well as I can, then you’ll be quite pleased with the cleverness of these lyrics. Not only that, but just the phrasing of the record makes it memorable. This guy is so dead-on with his vocals that it makes his mouth sound like another instrument. And that’s what we want with this kind of music. It adds to the groove.

The disc includes a Cannibal Corpse cover of “Stripped, Raped And Strangled 3:27” and I can actually understand the vocals much better here than I could on the original. Once again, this guy’s dead on. He could replace Corpsegrinder at the drop of a hat. George Fischer is getting up there in age (Remember that he only gave the world as we it know it ten years until the end, starting from the release of Evisceration Plague and I’ve been counting down with him ever since.) and he’s probably one of the only people still left on World Of Warcraft; so when Cannibal does eventually come to an end (probably before the world does) we’ll still have Gaped, along with many others who are marching onward with the black spirit of death metal. If you love groove-laden, hard hitting and memorable death metal as much as me; then definitely check out this band.

(6Tracks, 23:00)



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