Godthrymm – A Grand Reclamation (2018)

With full disclosure, I just want to add that I’d heard Candlemass‘s Nightfall just a few days before I got to work on this review and because of that listening experience (I’m still catching up on a lot of older metal materials, so bear with me on that) I now understand the sound and style that Godthrymm were going for here. Obviously, Godthrymm is a UK collective featuring members of acts like Solstice, My Dying Bride and Vallenfyre which are all great bands in their own right; some of them very influential to our modern scene, which also would include my little band. So thanks, guys. Though as I stated earlier, there is more of a Candlemass meets early Sabbath sound here than anything else and it doesn’t feel in any single node like that of a My Dying Bride album. There are slow pieces, though not as slow as we’re used to from the Gothic doom monolith unless we were to consider their earliest albums.

Additionally, frontman Hamish Glencross doesn’t necessarily jump into the death metal stylings of Vallenfyre and mainly sticks to a traditional approach, which will again, delight fans of classic doom like Candlemass and Cathedral the most. “The Pantheon” is the only real cut to feature a couple of harsh vocal bites, but even so – I’m not really here for the vocal performance as much as I am the playing, and being that the strong point of this band happens to be within Rich Mumford’s crushing bass lines and the twin-guitar team up of Chaz Netherwood and Glencross himself, I’m perfectly happy with a doom/death element being totally absent.

It is obvious that these gentlemen wanted to create a band that captures many of their older influences, and that’s exactly what we’re getting here. I don’t feel that it is too dissimilar from other acts who’ve come before, but a good slab of doom is a good slab of doom. It’s like eating a good meal that you’ve had before, but enjoying it just the same. Yes, I’ve had this meal before; but it’s tasty and I’d definitely eat it again. In fact, I’d much rather hand this to my coworker who seems to feel that Avenged Sevenfold are the only thing that matters in heavy metal anymore. I grow sick of hearing their greatest hits album in his vehicle.

Godthrymm have crafted here a doom metal album that carries with it the spirit of the classics. Though a short EP release, it is enough to show that these gentlemen play with enough passion and energy to keep the train rolling for another decade or so. Great doom awaits at the link below.

(4 Tracks, 24:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)



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