Graveborne – Through The Window Of The Night (2014 NN Promo)

Graveborne - Through The Window Of The Night

“Graveborne are a modern black metal band, much in the style of Dimmu Borgir, Death Tyrant, Negator and several others in that vein. Basically, you’ll get the idea from the very beginning – it’s full of tremolo picking, grim bass riffs and thrashy drumming. And yes, there are even those beloved blast beats that you all love so much. The frontman shrieks much in the same way that other frontmen in his stature do, to the same sets of riffs and melodies that other frontmen also do. I’ll also bet ten bucks that you’ve heard something much like this before and possibly more memorable. But even though they’ve got structure to these Satanic hymns, there’s not going to be a whole hell of a lot that separate Graveborne from their peers and that’s unfortunate. If a black metal “paint by numbers” had been released, then you can bet that these fellows got their grimy fingerprints all over it, dazzling it with lovely shades of brimstone and coal…”

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