Gravehill – Death Curse (2014)

Gravehill - Death Curse

“Take the speedy title track and its classic vocal approach, which hearkens back to the days before concrete vocalizations and reminds me more of Master and Deceased. A growler does come into back the frontman’s deathly snarl, and together the approach is about as classic as classic death metal can be. Pile that in with the Slayer-esque solos and you’ve got a death metal release that’s fit for an undead king. However, not all of Death Curse is thrash, as the ominous doom of “Open Their Throats” proves. Whether you like it or not, that masterpiece is the very essence of a death metal track and has all the spit and vigor of what this genre really used to be. Continuing their march their glory, Gravehill continue with “Fear The Reaper” which comes off as triumphant and memorable as classic metal should me. If you don’t like this one, then you just plain don’t like death metal, period. It’s that kind of nostalgia that I receive from this album, a literal gut punch from the eighties and early nineties, saying “This is how it’s done, mother fuckers!” It’s the very reason why the gut-punch vocal was invented, because all of those guys got a taste of this one back in the eighties and still have throbbing guts to due to its awesomeness. Oh wait, this album didn’t come out in the eighties? Well, I’ll rewrite history and see that it be so...”

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