Graveyard – Peace (2018)



Nuclear Blast

Those of you who love the sounds of Led Zeppelin, Sabbath at their lightest or even a more modern acts like Wolfmother, The Sword and current-era Mastodon will certainly find something to like in this Swedish stoner/doom.

We’re getting a decidedly warm sound here with a slight screech on the vocal end, which seems to have a bluesy tint to go along with the performance. Though what’s great about these Swedes is their attention to detail on the musical end, opting for a true to form production value that doesn’t feel out of character for the age in which they’re replicating. There’s no doubt about it, Graveyard are definitely a throwback band, though back to the days where you could just chill out with an album and didn’t have to necessarily scream and yell and throw your shirt at the walls over it.

Peace almost demands a joint, so be ready for that. I mean, I’d be ready to pass the grass along with this one in a heart beat. Not only that, but the feel of the music has such a positive and trippy vibe that your high will last a little longer. I’m sure that out Canadian friends will enjoy that, and hopefully the US will be right up there with you. Though I’m not sure if it’s legal in Sweden, and don’t think that these guys care anyway.

Peace is feel good stoner rock for those looking for good music to get high with or to play in the background while having sex. Some of it might get a little sappy like “See The Day” however, so be ready for that. On the other hand, I could totally hear that in the background of a romance scene in a film. I’ve jammed this one quite a few times and I can’t find a real problem with it. Rock is far from dead, it just needs to be rediscovered. Bands like Graveyard might be the best catalyst for that.

(10 Tracks, 42:00)


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