Grim Observations: Abortion/Choked By Own Vomits – Split EP (2015)

As I think to myself and question what vomits I’m being choked by, I begin my listen with Abortion’s twelve songs in twelve minutes. Yeah, you heard me right – these guys can really pound down twelve songs in twelve minutes and this record proves it. There are a few voice clips and even a cowbell in usage here, but the end result is pure fucking mayhem and absolute carnage. The drumming serves a huge part of the equation as the guitars provide the warmth from the vocals. Taken from a cassette tape, this digital transfer sound quite good and even offers an audible concert performance. The first six songs seem to come from an EP, while the latter tracks are from that performance. Even if you can’t understand it on a musical level, there are definitely plenty of fans of this stuff and the band sounds like they’re enjoying themselves. These Slovakian grinders have being doing it since 1989 and definitely deliver the kind of grind you want. You shouldn’t be upset with a performance that literally seems to meld extreme metal with punk, which is essentially the bare bones of grind. As for Choked By Own Vomits, they’ve been around since 2005 and seem to straddle the line between punk-fueled grind and brutal death metal, in much the way that many modern grind acts seem to do. You’ve essentially got a speedy drum style, which fronts fronting gravel and some scathing vocals in the background. There are some leads to be had here, as well as an almost classic death metal approach on “Teplakarna.” (3:15) Sounding more like death metal than anything else, it’s quite interesting to hear these guys on a disc with veritable grind legends, Abortion. Nevertheless, both bands sound as frantic and menacing as you’d expect and you’re getting the whole grind package here. It’s never really been my forte, but I’m sure fans will devour it whole.

(18 Tracks, 22:00)


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