Grim Observations: Cemetery Lust – Screams Of The Violated (2015)

When you hear a band by the name of Cemetery Lust, you think of Swedish death metal; which is definitely not what Cemetery Lust is. Trust me folks, even I’m surprised. Even the album art looks like what you’d find on a Swedish death metal cover, which I think has already had a few old school heads wondering what they bought. However, there’s more Entombed to this than you may realize. First of all, these guys mix their thrash and death metal together in a style that utilizes punk, making me think of Slayer. Yet there are also very notable death metal excursions in the midst of all the high flying guitar solos and other familiar thrash aesthetics. Screams Of The Violated helps to bring together punk, death and thrash almost in the vein of a history a lesson and in that manner; it’s quite old school. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the tried and true, especially when it’s performed as well as it is here. I like to hear an overly active drum kit, guitars utilizing more than the same few sets of chords and an atmosphere that makes the frontman actually have to work, which Screams Of The Violated certainly provides. I’m actually reminded of Deceased, where the vocal approaches never came with three tons of gravel and delivered more than anything I could’ve ever imagined. That’s not to say that Cemetery Lust is as good as Deceased however, but they’ve certainly got the right idea and will only get better with time. I like most of the songs I’m hearing here on the second listen, but I still feel that much of it sits in the same category. Ultimately, these guys thrash more than they death; but those deathy elements are still there in the mix and I don’t even think the old school heads that picked this up expecting a Swedish death record are going to be upset with it. Definitely worth a listen, no matter what your poison may be.

(8 Tracks, 27:00)


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