Grim Observations: Festering – From The Grave (2015)

Portugal’s Festering is classic Swedish death metal in vein of the classics, but they most remind me of acts like Grave and according to the advance I’ve heard of Grave’s newest disc; I’d actually rather listen to these guys. When the disc first started playing in my MP3 player, I thought I was listening to the new Grave record, but then became ultimately disappointed when that time finally came, because it wasn’t this. But aside from Grave comparisons, these guys actually do harbor some merit and manage to roll out some nice transitions, while still giving us the thumping grooves that we love and expect for this kind of music. The solos utilized throughout the disc help to freshen it up a bit, giving some decoration to this meaty corpse, while providing a little bit of rock n’ roll influence at the same time. The vocal approach is still a bit rough, but it’s definitely not as bad as the one I heard from Grave this year. If those guys decide to throw in the towel after this one, then bands like Festering will be there to pick it up. If you like classic Swedish death metal and don’t mind hearing it played by Portuguese musicians, then you should certainly find something to like here. It’s a solid slab of death metal and it does more or less what I’d expect it to.

(12 Tracks, 42:00)


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