Grim Observations: Necromantic Worship – Spirit Of The Entrance Unto Death (2015)

I must admit that I didn’t expect synths and keyboards to open this record, which actually begins with an invocation to Nergal himself. Obviously, traditional black metal is the name of the game here; with a familiar set of tremolos and recognizable vocal approach. The drums however are programmed and not all that well, resulting in a rather forgettable performance on that end. In fact, I feel that these drums might get on the nerves of some listeners; even though I’ll commend the artist on what I would consider to be a notable vocal performance, especially when it is fronting compelling atmospheres, like the ones apparent on “Conjuration Of The Fire God.” (2:32) in fact, I’d rather hear more pieces like that, than the black metal sections on the disc which just come off as nothing really new. But I felt that there was a real sense of power in “Conjuration…” and it makes me believe that there is some promise for Necromantic Worship. This is still a very early demo in all respects, but it holds something within that I feel is worth chewing on a little more. I also can’t say that the solo section on closer “The Dark Young Of Shub-Niggurath” (6:56) was unwarranted. This mix of synth, black metal and voice clips could one day culminate into something worthwhile, but I feel it still has a way to go before that amalgamation is complete. Still, parts of this record are worth a listen and the second and third cuts (of which I’ve named) are much more interesting than what later becomes of the intro on “Nergal, The Raging King” (6:34). I commend the guy for doing all of this by himself as it takes a lot more time and energy; but I feel there’s still some work to be done here and there.

(3 Tracks, 16:00)

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