Grim Observations: Pray Of North – Bloodline (2015)

As I’m only given one single from this act, I don’t have much to go on. But that’s sometimes how it is. In any case, we’ve got a chuggy number with a lighter melody during the chorus section and an obvious focus on the modern scene. It does have that sort of melodic death metal feel, also eliciting a vocal approach that reminds me a little of Poisonblack’s current material in the fact that it’s quite thick. Not exactly a good thing, but it works, I guess. There’s also a clean vocal chorus on the track which isn’t too bad, as I can definitely see where they’re going with this. Unfortunately, it’s going to need some work and fine tuning, as it just doesn’t sound like a band who’s exactly ready. They’re not real sure what they want to sound like at this point, and that ending growl seems like it’s shoveled in there in order to take a stab at death metal. We’ll see how they sound in another few years, after they’ve gotten all the kinks worked out.

(1 Track, 3:42)


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