Grim Observations: South Of Hell – Rising Of Hate (2015)

These French death metallers haven’t released anything since their 2006 demo, which sees Rising Of Hate as their veritable debut. Thankfully, you’re getting an earful of hard-hitting grooves, tasteful drumming, impressive solos and even some progressive influences as “Wake Up The Dead” (3:32) and “Blood” (3:56) display. As the record goes on, these structures only begin to build and offer up a band that aim to explore beyond the heights of death metal while still proving themselves relevant to the genre. The vocal approach could be a little higher in the mix, but I can see why the guitars and drums were raised so much. These compositions are nothing short of brilliant and offer up an act that you’re going to want to keep an eye on. Sure, these guys haven’t released a record in nearly fifteen years, but they’ve done one hell of a job with this diamond in the rough. Make no mistake, Rising Of Hate will still pin you to your knees and beat the living shit out of you, but it does so in a rather compelling fashion, which helps to keep it fresh.

(9 Tracks, 28:00)


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