Grim Observations: Watch Them Burn – Watch Them Burn EP (2015)

These Italian melodic death metallers mix prog and core into their compositions, but I’m noting far more of a core influence than anything else. Though that’s the thing with core, it usually takes over everything that it finds it’s way into. There’s a decidedly groove-laden element to the mixture as well, which doesn’t make it sound like anything even close to melodic death metal… at all. It is however, a little bit different than most of the core-laden semblances I get and most of the songs strive for their own approach within this formula. For instance, “My Country” (5:37) almost has a stoner rock influence to it, then tries very closely to later resemble melodic death metal, but the vocal approach just doesn’t seem to illustrate that very well. The songs here are much meatier than you’d expect for such a release, and it nearly pushes the length of the record over the amount that we’d qualify it for a shortlist review. But yet again, that’s not a bad thing as it gives these Italians more time to experiment with this prog-death-melo-core-groove stuff and I can’t say that I’m exactly upset with it. Like experimental countrymen Sadus, these guys are managing to traverse some very difficult waters and bring together a lot of styles that most people would consider repellant to each other. They’re doing something unique and different within the guise of a very common and well-worn style of heavy metal music. I’ve never been a huge fan of core, but the ideas that have found their way into this EP are well worth noting, and furthermore hearing. I’d highly recommend giving Watch Them Burn a chance as they offer quite a performance within the span of nearly half an hour. It’s a very tough record to nail down, and it’s definitely a grower. You might not get it now, but you’ll get it after you’ve give it some time. A mix of the modern, the new, and the peculiar, Watch Them Burn are a definite band to well… watch.

(5 Tracks, 27:00)


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