Grim Rants: Fuming At Funimation – Now I Have Even More Reasons Not To Support Anime In The West!

There’s no fun to be had in Funimation. According to YellowFlash, the company who just randomly buys up as many new Japanese properties as they can to license in the west without even doing so much as observing them, is now on a ticket to failure with their recent cancellation of popular ecchi anime Ishuzoku Reviewers. The anime revolves around travelers in an isekai (more or less a fantasy RPG) setting who live for the thrill of seeking out brothels and having sexual encounters with various monster girls. They then rate their experiences for other travelers in the world.

The series borderlines on hentai and as of the latest episode, completely broke the boundaries of standard anime territory, which in turn pissed off several angry twitter puritans and caused Funimation to cancel and no longer produce the series, which is probably airing it’s fourth episode in Japanese as we speak. This means that the series will never have a completed English dubbing (even though some episodes exist) nor will it have a western release. In other words, fans of this show will simply have to sail the high seas for it. I also suspect that the Malaysian print of the series will be in awfully high demand upon completion. I myself, will be snagging a copy.

Because of so much controversy spanning this twelve episode series, which is currently on it’s fourth – not to mention all the censorship that we’ve seen as of late, I’m almost uncertain as to whether or not this series will be completed. At the very least, there will not be another season. Japan has been taking some liberties as of late with their anime options (like Nekopara and the upcoming Redo Of Healer, which will have many panties in a bunch) and this seems to have upset a great deal of people on social media, and rightly so. People who were not part of the anime community back in the early days, nor were aware of the grit and raunchiness of the eighties and nineties (I can think of Violence Jack and Mad Bull 34, just to name a few) are now shocked and dismayed that anime is indeed showing it’s true colors. Colors that I’ve known to be true since I was a boy.

I always considered anime to be “grown up cartoons” when I was little and that’s what brought me to it. Now heading into my mid-thirties, I see that I’m still finding a few shows here and there that I enjoy and with this current season; a possible return to what made anime different from your standard American cartoon to begin with. Zoomer puritans however, complain about all the ists and phobes that they can in order to get a show whacked and this is why Funimation no longer considers Ishuzoku Reviewers viable. They’ve said it violates company standards, as silly as that must be. For a company that wants to charge me more for a half of an anime season than an entire television series on Blu-Ray, I’ve had more than I’m going to take from these folks. Then we had the KickVic debacle, which further soured them. Then we had the Monica Rial assertions that she has been modifying dubbed anime scripts to make them more socially viable and references ancient lolcows like GamerGate within these same scripts. How can you possibly sour my grapes anymore, Funimation? How can you do it?

Oh, you decide to cancel Ishizoku Reviewers. How many strikes has that been? Four? Five? I thought I was supposed to stop at three. Well, seems that’s fucked. Honestly, this company is even terrible to work for as YellowFlash noted from several Glassdoor reviews. So they’re a shit company who hires shit people with shit practices and they treat those shit people like shit, while at the same time treating the consumers like shit… How long until Funimation stops clogging up my toilet bowl and just flushes itself down the drain? They surely can’t keep up this charade forever. The greater anime community will stop giving a shit, go back to fansubs (lol, that’s how we’re going to watch the rest of Ishuzoku Reviewers) as I’ve noticed and as I’ve recommended, importing the original discs (if you can afford them) or the Malaysian DVD’s. Yes, they’re DVD’s, but unless you’re really going to spend hundreds on one Blu-Ray box, it will be the only way you can get nice packaged anime for your shelf that will read in your disc player (unless you have a Japanese Region player, which you will also have to import).

It’s sad that Japanese media has been taken a colossal dump on by a company who arguably became famous for Dragon Ball Z and retained my trust for a decade or more. This makes me a bit heated because I spent money on those discs as a youth supporting them as well as the shows they ran on Toonami and Adult Swim. All that money culminated into current year corporate media censorship of the very medium that they were trusted to localize and deliver to the fans with the highest level of quality. I never thought I would see the day when Funimation became 4Kids, but here we are folks. Just remember, it’s not a tragedy – it’s a comedy.

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