Grim Rants: Legalizing Prostitution In The US and AEC’s

I support government sanctioned legal prostitution in a facility, kind of like what is being done in Australia and has been done in Japan for many years now. I will not pay anyone a dime until America finally gets its shit together and legalizes one of the oldest professions known to man. Besides, those girls would also have to undergo rigorous testing, so that they wouldn’t catch anything. The human body is a bacteria farm and obviously some bacteria that we catch from other people never leaves. There should be a clean facility with clean people, no matter the pricing. Trafficking would also decrease exponentially. Did you know that 2,000 children go missing everyday? It is said that many of the teen girls are sold off to foreign sex trafficking. What if this prostitute is a minor? With legalization, that would not be an issue. Until the laws change, I am not interested in any form of illegal prostitution.

I also support more than female prostitution. Sex isn’t just for men, after all. Sometimes women also want to pay a man for sex. So there should also be male prostitutes and trans prostitutes as well. Sex is a larger spectrum than it used to be, so there should be wide varieties of something for everyone.

I even had an idea to replace strip clubs with Adult Entertainment Centers or AEC’s which would feature more than the tired old pole dancing aesthetic. I’m talking about interactive sex, being able to simply ask for a fetish and getting it right then and there. Maybe you just want to watch a theatrical film or play games with a girl or guy. That’s also available. And far better food than generic nachos or whatever food that these clubs sell.

Maybe you just want to pay someone to dance with and fuck later? Would put the clubs out of business because you don’t have to court someone to dance and have sex with, you already paid for that. AEC’s are the future. We’re all still living in the past and that’s why people aren’t getting laid. You can either complain about it, or you can create solutions. In this modern era, I would prefer solutions rather than complaints.

And for the incels that want $30k a year payments because of “national emergency”, we would definitely be better putting that money into an AEC. And for any religious challengers to these facilities, I would pay the greatest skeptics in the world and put together a team of people with no purpose other than to argue with hecklers and make them question their own religions, eventually getting tired of it and no longer being a problem. No man can make his God stand before mankind, so put a sock in it until I can see and touch your deity. That takes care of that problem.

See, I have everything planned out. Instead of taking out your frustration like an idiot, you get together with intelligent people and you do something to remedy the whole situation.

– The Grim Lord

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