Grim Rants: The Truth About MGTOW

If you look up the definition for MGTOW on Wikipedia, you’ll probably cringe. And you should. You see, they won’t allow anyone in the community to edit it, so like Andrew Jackson being put on the twenty even though he wanted to nothing to do with the Federal Reserve, we have been placed into the alt-right category.

You want to know the truth? It is actually alt-right supremacist assholes that have been trying to shut us down, making fun of our dolls and bitching because we aren’t having enough “white babies” no do we believe their silly Jewish conspiracies. I grew out of that mode of thinking years ago. So to put us with them is really not great. I’m also classical liberal, which doesn’t work well in any kind of right-wing philosophy. However, I am pushing towards centralism. I’m not alt-anything.

We certainly don’t hate women, for starters. Men vent online, but it isn’t like they wouldn’t have done this at a bar with other men anyway. I can say that red pill philosophy in general has helped me to become less naive, which is good because I can be very naive and am unaware that I’m with a toxic person because of how I feel around them or how attractive they can be. Some people do prey on other people, especially if they think they are easy prey. Unfortunately, I fall in that category. So when I started learning about all of these things, I was helped to be more cautious and less inviting of people who may literally destroy my entire life. If I have a strong dislike for anyone, it is people who manipulate others for their own gain and cause harm to them.

I will say that after the term MGTOW became popularized, less people in the original community wanted a thing to do with it. Because when normal people get a hold of something new, they end up ruining it. That is what is happening now. The community is becoming a toxic cesspool and it is tough to keep rational minded people in it. Content creators are becoming disgusted. There’s a lot of infighting between them and among other people in the community. And a lot of channels have changed their topics, because now people are looking to make these kinds of videos just for the money by doing red pill rage “wOmEn ArE eViL” topics. Sure, they bring in followers. They bring angry and disgruntled men, for certain. But that’s the problem. Right now, there are far too many angry and disgruntled men out there. Maybe they need a place to vent, but they are getting really dangerous. That’s not what we stood for.

Just a few days ago during a live stream, a content creator called in and said some really horrifying shit to which he had to be shushed. The guy posted a video the next day talking about how he was censored. You idiot. You don’t talk about shit like that during a live stream. To be honest, you really shouldn’t talk about that kind of shit at all.

Today, more men are following the philosophy without the label, like myself. Because who needs fucking labels, right? So that is why I’m on a journey. I’m not ready to settle and I don’t want to be tied down nor enslaved to anyone. Being a man is about having dignity and taking responsibility. That means standing up for yourself and accepting your faults. It doesn’t mean blaming other people, like women for example; for your problems. While we recognize that there are supreme injustices with the family court and weaponized hypergamy due to social media, everything else falls on the decisions that we must make as individuals. Namely, who we choose to invite into our personal lives. So whatever you read from various sources on the internet is mostly untrue. People like to shame men who refuse to play by the system and that’s what we are.

We are not a cult, religion, military regiment or a football team. Rather, we are a philosophy and a dwindling community. I say dwindling, because all of the idiots are here now and good men with more than two braincells to rub together are getting frustrated. I used to use the label, but these people have hijacked it and I no longer use the term. It’s just silly to do so in the current climate.

Simply put, MGTOW is just a really large acronym for “Do you.” That’s kind of it. Unfortunately it has been turned into some kind of weird anti-women movement by the media and the powers that be. You surely can’t make money from a men’s support group so they have to call it an “evil alt-right Nazi misogynistic watermelon grapefruit group” which people who are not familiar with the group will attach to and decry easily.

I’m sure there are a lot of angry videos out there, but I don’t have much time for those and in my opinion, that is not what we’re about. That is not what I’m about. Men deserve a little bit of respect for the work that they do in society and they’re not getting it. That I feel is the problem. Men aren’t even getting mentioned in modern media unless they are standing up for women and that I feel is a bit odd. What about the women who stand up for men? No one says a thing about these wonderful ladies. There is definitely a disconnect there and until balance is restored, I feel that many other men will choose this path, though hopefully not in a destructive nor damning manner.

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