Grim Rants: VStarz Enterprise and Why I Hope Funimation Goes Under. Enjoy Your Subbed Anime!

Okay, so I found some concrete information regarding VStarz Enterprise in Malaysia. This is big. This is Funimation legally “fuck you” big.

For a certain time I was unaware as to whether or not VStarz was a legitimate company in the region. Well, I now have proof beyond a doubt that they are. You see, they are responsible for the licensing of six anime film adaptations in the region, which means that as of about 2016 or so, Malaysia is now releasing these discs officially. No more bootlegs, No more butchered subs. That being said, is it perfect? Nope. But it’s watchable and definitely cheaper than paying $30 for a twelve episode anime series.

So fuck you, Funimation. As Raging Golden Eagle said, we don’t need you. As a matter of fact, I hope that demand for anime dies over the next couple of years and that localization in North America dies with it. I love watching my subbed anime, even if some dubs are better in a few circumstances. But more often than not, it is the same crew of voice actors over and over again. We should respect the work for its cultural impact, not the American localization. And besides, these are the same companies who didn’t think anime like Slam Dunk would be marketable in the US. So I’ll read my subs, thanks!

Anime VA’s aren’t going to run out of business either, they could always VA for western cartoons or games. Maybe for game adaptations of anime. That’s fair. But as far as the anime itself, as long as there is a translation, I don’t need an English butchered script and voice actors that sometimes drive me up a wall.

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