Grim Rants: What The Eighties Taught Us

One thing I noticed about watching Stranger Things S3 is that people were definitely a hell of a lot more social back then. It brought back memories when you had to make your own fun and you did it with other people in person. Sure, it’s great to talk to and play games with people halfway around the world. But the problem is, we aren’t spending enough time with the people who are right in our own backyard.

And it’s not just the phones. People literally aren’t getting together like they used to. Statistics point that out, and it isn’t a good thing. If people don’t get any kind of social interaction they become isolated, anxious and even depressed. We’ve seen this in spades as of recent. People aren’t even really leaving their homes anymore. People who can’t socially interact with others end up lonely and loneliness kills. It is like smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. But we shame people for being loners instead of helping them. We’re good at shaming others, because it often makes us feel better or superior than another person.

Gen Z is poised to be the loneliest generation in human history, which doesn’t say much for the future. When we look at retro throwbacks to remind of the nostalgia we’ve lost, there is definitely a major problem. We’ve become so divided that people are almost pushing each other away unknowingly. Thirty years ago, no one gave a damn about what political opinions you had. The eighties and the nineties were both pretty cool times to be alive and I’m thankful everyday that I was able to live through both of them. The country was in a very strong place back then and I’m sorry to upset the Trumpers, but those times are never coming back.

And if this doesn’t pertain to you, if you still get together with people and do things that is fine. But you’re the exception, not the rule. I just think we fucked up somewhere and there’s no fixing it or turning back the clock. We’re only going to get more isolated as time goes by.

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