Grim Rants: Why We Held The Gate


People bitch about the gatekeeping thing, but let me be completely fucking honest. The reason gates were in place because we didn’t want people to come in and change our fucking genre to suit their standards. Especially if they didn’t listen to the bands they were trying to change. If you are not listening to or are a fan of this kind of music, then you have no fucking say at all in it. Period. Stay in your lane, as it were. Some things are just not meant for you. I’m not good at basketball, but you don’t see me complaining that the hoop needs to be lowered because I don’t want to jump high to shoot the basket. Basketball is just not for me.

Heck, I’ll bet there are comics you shouldn’t read as well. Games? Yeah, better stay the fuck away from Senran Kagura and Omega Labyrinth. And I haven’t even mentioned Rance yet. There’s a reason that won’t be on Steam.

We held that gate tight, because it isn’t our music that is supposed to adapt to your specifications, it is you who are supposed to adapt to our music. That doesn’t mean you have to like it, but at the same time it can’t be blamed for causing death. You could kill hookers in GTA. I never heard of any stories where men did that in real life because of the game. Fuck your censorship and politically correct bullshit.

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  1. Hell Raven

    Social justice warriors are the most insidious type of poser. They pretend to be something they’re not in order to accumulate social capital within a group. They then attempt to use that social capital to bring about social change where it isn’t needed or wanted. This is why metal’s elitism is so important. It’s deliberately designed to weed out people like that. I didn’t realize that when I was younger, but now I do. Anyway, great article. It’s short but sweet.


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