Grim Rants: Yes, Social Media Is Isolating You!

Folks, it is really getting bad. The last phone call I had was a month or so ago and it featured a woman who had such a level of anxiety that she couldn’t even get words out. She even told me that she wasn’t like this years ago and I could vouge for that. The overuse of these programs are definitely, and I mean without a shadow of a doubt, killing the social skills that we learned decades ago. Which means that if you weren’t socially awkward before, you are more likely to become that way again due to sheer lack of fucking talking to and interacting with people.

I used to have female friends, I lived with women for years. Why in the hell would I be so frightened and anxious to talk to them now? Because of social media isolation. Social media really did fuck up a lot of things in our society and I would honestly like anyone who has a brainscan prior to the social media book to analyze their brain currently, in the era of social media. I want to see the differences, the changes in neural patterns. How did we accidentally rewire our brains? Is there any way to fix it? These are the questions we should be asking. I have a feeling that in a couple of years, mental health professionals will have to work with people who can no longer interact properly due to social media. Then we have all the kids that will need to be fixed. Adapt? In a world where no one fucking talks? Give me the cyanide pill now. To hell with all that. If that’s the brave new world we are heading into, a world where lonely and socially isolated people makeup most of western civilization, then I don’t want a single fucking part of it. At that point, we may as well be automatons.

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