Grim Vision – War Agony (2015)

These Germans mix hardcore together with what they term “dark metal” and for Converge fans, it’s going to be a real treat. This is the kind of result that happens when extremity mixes in with blunt anger, as pounding riffs and pummeling drum work demonstrates what can either be an unhinged or slightly experimental type of beast. There’s a little bit of punk, a little bit of hardcore and some definite doses of grind here, which all seem to meld just perfectly in the few minutes in which this EP spans. The frontman’s vocals are quite furious as well, making for a devastating listen that you won’t easily cast aside. It’s certainly a good indication of the power that these guys have, and no doubt we’ll hear them crush more skulls in the future – with the same amount of precision and texture that they’ve utilized here. This is very good for a first-time effort.

(3 Tracks, 11:00)


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