Harakiri For The Sky – Arson (2018)

Harakiri For The Sky


Art Of Propaganda

Although it is has been heavily praised, I actually found the fourth full-length from these Austrian post-black metallers nearly unbearable. This has never happened before, but after the fourth track (and these are quite long) I had to turn it off. It wasn’t the Daylight Dies inspired blackened doom that got to me, but rather frontman V. Wahntraum’s vocals. I’ve always known black metal to be a harsh vocal laden affair since the early days and even though Wahntraum is in several other bands spanning the gamut, I just don’t feel that any real emotion went into the effort here. Song after song featured the same frantic screaming, with absolutely no rhyme or reason to it – it just sounded like a gentleman who was extremely angry and felt like shouting over heavily melodic blackened doom for the better part of an hour. To make matters worse, there was very little noticeable change in tempo between songs and even a switch to symphonic piano didn’t save that. I kept waiting for it to change, but it felt like Harakiri For The Sky just wanted me to listen to one overly long piece. That would have been perfectly fine, had the disc featured any real sense of change, but in all of it’s sullen melody, it came off rather simplistic. Don’t get me wrong as I definitely enjoy black metal and the essence behind it, but it felt like there was a more core-influenced approach to the vocal portion of this disc, which I personally did not care for. I’m sure it will appeal to the modern crowd though and seems to have already done just that. However, Arson is far from terrible. It is certainly melodically sound, just completely saturated with core-influenced shouts that are attempting to dress as black metal rasps and that rubs me the wrong way. I’d love it as an instrumental though, as Matthias Sollak is an exeptional composer (even if the disc does stick mainly to the same fair) and I have to give him proper respect there.

(8 Tracks, 71:00)


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