Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

HellboundHellbound: Hellraiser II
NR, 93 mins
Directed by Tony Randel

“I’ll tear your soul apart.” …Now tell me, what’s your pleasure? Missed seeing the first film? Don’t worry because half of this film is just a recap of the first one. Why sequels never do as good as the first film is because they spend too much time explaining shit and all the excitement happens in the first one. Finally my question about the nails has been answered. The way the cop is shooting that corpse clearly shows that he shouldn’t be operating a gun. Kirsty tells the doctors that they have to destroy the mattress or Julia will come back. A woman who fantasizes about a dead guy is more frightening than the cenobites. Was this hospital made entirely around the Hellraiser story? Doctor was obviously a fan of the first film.

Just like the doctor that bandaged up Julia, this film needs bandaging up. Kyle believes Kirsty’s story after he found out the doctor is the insane one. Kyle then meets Julia and tries to seduce her. Julia tells Kirsty they have changed the rules and precedes to give Kirsty a smack down to enforce these rules. Doc hands the box to the blonde mute to figure out and the cenobites don’t come for her. We finally find out the blonde mute can speak. Kirsty wants information from Pinhead and hands him a picture of himself. This makes Pinhead go soft and gets him killed. It’s amazing how Kirsty and the blonde manage to escape the maze just in time for the walls to close up.

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