Hellraiser (1987)

Hellraiser movie poster

Hellraiser (1987)
R, 94 mins
Directed by Clive Barker

“Come to daddy.” Now how about a cookie? Dude pays money for a box; he doesn’t know what it does. He has to light candles or the magic of the box won’t work. This is some extreme bondage. The guy’s brother wants to move into his place after his “disappearance.” Julia finds Frank’s stash of pictures, keeps one for herself, and starts fantasizing about the guy. Clive’s been watching too many soap operas. There’s no way in hell that nail can draw that much blood on his hand. Something’s wrong with Larry’s blood because it’s making the floor have a seizure. Whoever said giving birth was a beautiful thing needs to watch this shit. Julia has a better orgasm when Frank grabs her on the leg then when they were having sex. Amazing how so little can scare Kirsty to the point she’s crying like a baby and has to call daddy. Julia becomes a whore for Frank and the homeless guy feeds himself on crickets. If the Cenobites took the box then how did Frank get it? Kirsty catches Julia bringing home a guy, meets Frank, then throws the box out the window. She ends up in the hospital where she starts playing with the box to refresh her memory. She tells the Cenobites that Frank escaped and for them to take him and let her go. What kind of nail gun did they use to put those nails in Pinhead’s head?



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