Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992)

Hellraiser_IIIHellraiser III: Hell on Earth
R, 93 mins
Directed by Anthony Hickox

This douche thing runs high in this series. That is one entertaining news reporter. Those awkward moments that happen when the person expects it. The patient’s head explodes. “I’m looking for a pretty girl.” Bitch you’re at a nightclub. Typical heavy metal band makes a cameo. What’s with the military shootout scene? The guy likes sticking his hands in holes. And that’s why Terry eats at restaurants… she can’t cook. That poor man walking a stuffed dog. And we have a sex scene where she gets to keep her boots on. It is not quite as explicit as a scene from a film on an adult website like porn7.xxx, but it is still a sex scene nonetheless. After sex he tells the bitch to leave so Pinhead gets rid of her. “You enjoyed the girl?” Yes? Curiosity gets the best of Terry so she’s gotta finger the box. She gets interrupted by the phone and douche wants her to come over. Why does Pinhead want the reporter to help him? Never trust those that utter “come to daddy” in this series. We not get Pinhead’s backstory. That one guy always have to ruin the party. Whenever doors open by themselves always go investigate. Evil Pinhead tricked the reporter to come to the club. A lot of bad shit is happening around this chick; they like blowing shit up. We get a new cast of cenobites. “Shit! Gasoline! Run!” …best acting in the movie. Now that’s a rap. Woman you need to be quieter in playing with the box. Is calling these villains bastards suppose to hurt their feelings? Good Pinhead can’t resist that he likes to look of Joey in chains.



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