Helrunar – Vanitas Vaniatatvm (2018)

Helrunar are a band that have seldom ever disappointed me and hopefully won’t be on Metal Sucks list of “black metal bands that we want to consider fascist, because we have always had a war against the genre to begin with and finally found a platform to destroy it” anytime soon. Performing the album in their native language, this lengthy record somehow manages to pack elements of traditional black metal littered with blast beats in with sharp grooves, slight progressive meanderings and even some acoustic sections. They were also quite fond of instrumentals this time around, which is why we have four of them on the album, two of which actually feature metal – namely the title cut (which is ultimately forgettable) and the slightly more notable “Nachzerer” which does have some speaking bits, but isn’t quite what you’d define as a black metal cut. Aside from that, it has some good melodies. The record is packed with everything that we’ve known and loved from the black metal genre over the years and aside from the unexpected instrumentals (the closer “Der Tag An Dem Das Meer Seine Toten Freigibt” could have been left out entirely) there’s definitely a powerfully melodic frostbitten sense of grim here that we feel honored to promote, once again; hoping that these guys don’t end up on the Metal Sucks watch list.

(11 Tracks, 62:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)

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