Heretic Legion – The Purge (2018)

Heretic Legion

The Purge


Though labeled death metal, Heretic Legion definitely have some core sections here and there, which remind me greatly of my early work in the now defunct, Unholy Sacrifice. Perhaps the frontman utilizes a much deeper growl than I was going for, but there’s a notable rasp that nearly captures the essence of my vocal technique in that band. And I don’t know if there’s anything that you dig more than a sound that reminds you of your own. So yes, there are some serious breakdowns here and there, but they aren’t the kind that feel too much like hardcore or deathcore as the band keeps up a steady show of drum bravado to keep me glued to nearly every cut here. The disc is also chorus heavy, which was an absolute must in my old act. I thrive on choruses, so memorable hooks like these combined with what I’d consider to be a top-notch performance that captures just as much of the new sound as it does the old is almost a way for me to live vicariously through their work. In Unholy Sacrifice we only cut a demo, but these guys were able to get a full-length out with the same style and that to me speaks volumes. Fans of Daath, Chimaira, Hate Eternal, The Black Dahlia Murder and other modern death metal acts will dig this one, which are the bands I was really digging around our writing process, so if you’re really missing out on that style, give Heretic Legion a listen.

I only have two nitpicks however, and one is fact that they tend to wear out their welcome after the seventh cut and the other is that their logo looks pretty basic and won’t stand out from their spikey lettered peers. I’ll be thankful when the spiky letters go out of style for death metal bands. We get it, you’re sharp and deadly! Check the disc out at the link below.

(11 Tracks, 60:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)


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