The Heretics Fork – Tormentore (2018)

A disc that just made me want to start pounding the hell out of those air drums, this excessively grueling and ridiculously cavernous dose of brutal death certainly made me smile from ear to ear – at least as far as the first couple of tracks were concerned. I love BDM discs where the drums are so pronounced that you can’t help but want to play along with them as you all well know and this is just another one of those that I devoured quickly. As far as vocals are considered, they are coming out of the mouth of a rather massive and quite voluminous cavern volcano. I’m imagining this large, gurgling hole in which molten lava and steam discharges pour out. That’s what you’re getting here. The album is also incredibly warm. My body heat has risen exponentially after playing this record and from recent weather reports, it is quite cold in my area.

The disc is rather slow, but it manages to do exactly what you might expect. Unfortunately, there’s not much else to be had here. The drums mainly perform as I’ve stated, the huge puffs of smoke billow out from beneath the hole and there’s largely a rather cryptic feeling to the entire performance. Tormentore is not long though, which is a good thing; as the band aren’t really showing any real signs of progression in these songs. Fans of cavernous death metal with rampaging drums might find what they’re looking for here, but it is a little bit more than necessary in my opinion. You’ll enjoy it at first, but might feel that it should have ended at least five or six songs ago.

(8 Tracks, 27:00)


Purchase HERE (Big Cartel)



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