Heretics In The Lab – Suture (2014 NN Promo)

hERETICS iN tHE lAB - Suture

“Virginian Industrial act hERETICS iN tHE lAB, certainly does remind me of acts like Marilyn Manson, Dawn Of Ashes, Bile, NIN, Ministry, Lockjaw, Scream Machine, early Dope and others in that vein. Of course, I could also throw Skinny Puppy and Throbbing Gristle into that mix, because these guys wouldn’t even be around if it hadn’t been for those acts and myriads of others in the German scene like KMFDM. Now as far as the album is concerned, it consists of warm rock/metal riffs and melodies which lay overtop of electronics – just as industrial should sound. H3’s vocals are usually quite ravenous, just as you would expect for the kind of music displayed here and I couldn’t imagine the band without them. “Skin” opens the disc with thrash influence, yet I wish the vocals had more bite in this area; nevertheless, the electronic synths work to display some intriguing soundscapes. “Vampire” adds more groove riffs laden within the samples, yet it also shows that H3 does want to sing a little clean in areas, which is obviously influenced by the poppier style of industrial that NIN influenced…”

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