Editorial: How Do We Fix The Thirst Epidemic In The West?

Over the past few months, I’ve been doing some personal research observing the dating scene in America. Suffice it to say, things are not good. Now, let me put this into perspective so that you’ll understand my point of view. As you know, I live in Arkansas. I also live in a minority community where a large amount of people are recipients of the welfare system. The store is always packed on the first of the month, because that is when everyone in town gets their food stamps. So if there’s a collapse, I’ll be one of the first people to go.

Continuing to set up that framework, please keep in mind that this area in particular is very traditional, with a conservative lean. Even more liberal-minded people will take a conservative turn on some issues, just because of their environment and upbringing. As such, men here are expected to be fathers early on and women are expected to have babies early on. Some want to have them as early as they can, baby booms are quite prolific around here and mothers and grandmothers are constantly talking about their daughter’s pregnancy or the fact that they just had a child; because it seems to mean that they did their job right. As in, their spawn was able to create another child and continue the family line for another generation or so. Men constantly mock other men for not being able to reproduce as soon as they did or with as many women as they may have. After all, in the conservative south; if you’re not having sex with one or many women by a certain age, you must not be attracted to women or you’re just a failure to your species. The same principles apply to men trying to bed any women, of any age, for instance, it wouldn’t matter if they were of legal age, or they’d be old enough to feature on a website like https://www.maturesexmovies.xxx/ or similar porn pages, the male would have bedded a female. These are the ideals conjured up in such a biblically bound society, where homosexuals are looked upon with hate and disdain, especially in the male aspect; that as soon as a man would even think about something like that, he may find himself ostracized or even killed. Now that all of the framework and personal viewpoints have been established, let me get right into it.

I: Identifying The Problem

Thirst is as I’ve noted in several previous articles, the act of a man begging for sexual services from a woman. This can also occur in LGBT relations, but for the sake of this article, I am referring to men and women here. Please, if you are ever given a chance; go visit some adult groups in social media so that you will be able to view thirst in its natural habitat. They all seem a few seconds away from just listing off their favorite tubev.sex content on those pages. Obviously sending unsolicited nudes attached with comments begging for sex are examples of this behavior. You’ll see hundreds of posts relating to this behavior in those kinds of groups as well. It is additionally fair to say that some of the people eliciting this behavior are of non-western origin and even the methods that I’ve lined out here would probably never be legal in their country for religious and cultural reasons. It was also mentioned that some of this behavior might actually be due in part to high school bullying, which some might say would be revisited through the cache system of social media. Bringing people together in this manner definitely brought back the days of high school for many of us, even though the fact of the matter is that most Facebook users haven’t been to high school in over two to three decades. In short, the newest way to bully grown adults appears to be in the form of “incel” and “thirst” comments. That being said, some men truly do act rather needy and there’s a number of reasons for that as well. Though I plan on discussing that in a completely different article, which will detail social media based analytical brainwashing as a whole.

II: Women’s Hypergamous Instincts & The Analytics Of Dating Sites

Female biology dictates that a woman’s main desire is to find a man who can provide for her and her potential offspring. This is called resource marketplace value or RMV for short. That’s basically it. It sounds very simple, but there’s more to it than that and you have to remember that women are master manipulators by nature. That’s also an evolutionary standard, as they chose whose genes got to pass on into the next generation. They had no choice but to be crafty, especially if they wanted a man with high RMV. It of course goes without saying that high RMV males were looked at as the top of the food chain by women of the past, as mutation and culture have definitely brought sexual marketplace value or SMV into the mix. Incels who’ve complained that they weren’t the right height, stature, musculature or whatever aren’t actually wrong as far as that goes – they’ve just accepted it as part of their plight and damn their own existence. At least, the heavily black-pilled ones. Unfortunately, the advent of the internet and in particular the Tinder generation made it even more difficult for the average Joe to get laid, let alone carry on his offspring. This is because Tinder and other apps use analytics to tailor men directly to a woman’s hypergamous instinct. And in return, it also allows for an extremely small percentage of men to get access to a very large percentage of women, some of whom wouldn’t even have been considered in their wheelhouse. There were definitely men – not Calvin Klein models, but decent men nonetheless – who would have had no problems shacking up with some of these women, but because they have their hearts set on the most attractive looking people on planet earth with the most resources available, these meet-ups and marriages will never happen. Instead, both parties will sit and pine away at the next most attractive person, which is why dating sites have employed dozens of fake bots and web cammers in order to keep that false sense of hope alive. Adding to that, we have the fact that single mothers have quadrupled because these men who are in high demand know that they’re in high demand. Why would they ever want to stick with one mate when they’re actually getting numerous texts from women all over the globe looking to get intimate with them? Any sane individual with a sex drive would indeed be having as much sex as possible and they often do. So what happens to all of the men who are left out of this equation? That brings me to my next point.

III: The Age Of Thottery

Thot is actually an African American Vernacular English (AAVE) term for “that hoe over there” and I’m not referring to gardening implements. This term is used both as a slur and term of endearment to women who pride themselves on sex work. Though not the kind that you would expect from a working girl, which is a definite problem and a possible solution to the thirst epidemic, which I will explain later in this article. No, this kind of work refers to interactive webcam chats, in which the users are paying women hundreds to even thousands of dollars for something as simple as just being alive. Yes, while it is not much different from any gentleman’s club, things started getting hairy when Twitch became involved. As I said before, women are master manipulators. So they saw an avenue in all-ages gaming stream service, Twitch. Yes, I said all-ages. Twitch of course, takes a hard stance on nudity of any kind; so that means that men and let’s not beat around the bush here – boys, as in your damn kids – are looking at what amounts to Maxim magazine. Okay, so there’s nothing completely wrong with that, at least for teenage boys who would be able to purchase a magazine of this type and by now have probably seen a lot worse than I ever did; but then I found that some of these Twitch cammers are actually sex cam models as well and they’ve used their Twitch to lead people into their paid cam channels. Now, of course these channels are protected and it would take mommy or daddy’s credit card to verify that a user is of legal age, so that’s fine. There are many services used to protect these workers from engaging in the exploitation of minors. However, the problem comes in when you have men spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on these women in the hopes that they will one day marry them. In same cases, I can see the older man who has lost his wife or never really married to begin with looking for something in these gals – maybe even realizing it as a fantasy. Chances are that some of these men are so well off and have no heirs that they just feel like giving their money away – which is fine, because some of these ladies are coming from absolute squalor. I suppose if that’s what it takes for the rich to share their wealth with the poor, then so be it. However, you’ve got working men who are throwing their hard-earned money on these girls for some videos, a few pics and maybe a show or two, when they could be getting the entire deed one and done, then moving on with their lives. That leads me to the first outlined solution.

IV: One Solution: Legalized Prostitution In The West

Out of all the solutions I’ll outline here, this would be the most difficult to pass for many reasons both political and religious. You and I both know it. However, it is often asked, “Why pay for the milk, when you can just buy the whole cow?” and I wholeheartedly agree. I personally would not pay for anything less than a full experience and I’ve said that before. I respect the laws in my area however and would not pay for any kind of prostitution services unless they were legal. This is a bit of a harsh statement, but legalizing prostitution as it has been in areas like Japan for instance; would definitely deal a hard blow to the pimp game, unless the pimps turn around and become businessmen, which they can definitely do – but they will also have to adopt common labor practices and respect workers rights as prostitution would be a sanctioned US business and would have to abide by those laws. Patrons would also feel better about the decision internally, because the workers would be required to undergo STI tests, as well as the patrons. This would keep down on the spread of nasty diseases, which no one wants after they’ve had sex with someone else. Also, for people like myself who are on the autism spectrum and do not understand social cues, this would be a perfect option. I just realized far after the fact that a few women were interested in having sexual relations with me years ago, but now the times and these people have changed so that is no longer an option. People are also not aware that when you have autism, you don’t pick up on the kinds of simple things that other people do. However, there are immediate things that you’ll pick up on that they never would. It’s like being on the other side of the wall. They may grasp more simplistic things but not some of the complexities that I do.

V: Sex Is Simple

I’ve noticed that if you look at the average guy who gets laid a lot, he is no scholar. He’s actually a big dumb oaf in most cases. He’s a trend-hopper who follows culture and women, because he has no real aspirations otherwise. You might see him looking like a thug or some kind of bad boy, which women like. But he’s as dumb as a pile of sawdust. It almost makes me think that this level of dumbness also plays to women’s manipulation, because some of them realize that this guy is attractive and completely stupid; so they can use a variety of tools in which to ruin him. He’s probably a boorish risk taker who would lunge out at authority and be a candidate for the prison system. Though if he avoids that, he just winds up in a relationship with the first woman who catches his eye. I’ve also noted that what women like in a man is also very simplistic. I’ve observed enough pictures that women have responded with positively over the past few years to get the idea image of males, which is also utilized on the television and streaming shows, to further that look. Women seem to enjoy the eyes, shoulders (Undead Chronic said that it was all about the back muscles in one of his videos) and the “V.” If you don’t know what that is, Google it. Size queens of course are interested in the longest and thickest penises imaginable, but they don’t amount to the whole population who believe that “big guys don’t know how to use it” and “average penises are preferred/don’t hurt, exc.” Women who are true size queens are actually going for BBC (big black cock, not the British Broadcasting Channel) and they’ve even started a political movement for it which is so silly that I’m going to write an entire article about it later. As far as men go, we all have varied fetishes, but large breasts and bums are almost universally preferred – almost. That of course has to do with SMV and men’s evolutionary nature, which is to find the most fertile mates possible. Large breasts and bums symbolized good sexual health and even though we know that is not the case in terms of modern medicine and the obesity epidemic in this country, it is an evolutionary tick that we haven’t forgotten. That being said, sex is a very simple and rather basic process in retrospect, so it may boil down to the fact that some people are just too intelligent for it. I’ve actually heard this argument made during the earliest onset of incel culture, when it was still rather harmless and focused around women and men who felt that they were too intelligent for sex. This went onto becoming the modern designation for an asexual. These people simply felt it was dumb and in all aspects it is definitely a rather mindless process because of the IQ levels of some of the people heavily involved in it. Simply put, sex is simple.

VI: Second Solution: Hormone Inhibitors

Now, this is going to sound quite a bit dystopian, but another way to quell the thirst epidemic is by simply killing the drive to reproduce in the first place. As men, we are constantly driven by our hormones and for those who feel that these drives to reproduce are a bother, hormone inhibitors might work. Pills and methods that cause sexual dysfunction purposely. Now, I cannot condone any practices like this, but I think some men and women already might be using these substances, somewhat unknowingly. And I’m not just talking about birth control. I’m talking about numerous pharmaceuticals that they’ve been prescribed which just plain shut off the sex drive like a light. This already seems to be happening, as sexless marriages now make up 10-15% of American marriages according to Newsweek. It doesn’t sound like much but if you divide the three-hundred and fifteen million people in the country by ten, you’re going to get a substantial number of people. As a matter of fact, I calculated approximately 31.5 million Americans. Putting that in retrospect, the population of the largest city in the US is New York with approximately 8.5 million people. Give or take a few thousand, we are left with a number of sexless couples in the US that is almost four times the population of New York City, which is absolutely unreal to think about. Keep in mind that I accounted for the lower number, which would be 10% rather than 15% even though it could be much higher than that in the future. We could be looking at fifty million, maybe even as many as a hundred million Americans living in sexual deathbeds and that’s quite frightening. Women complain that it’s the men’s fault, but I believe that technology and it’s hooks sunk right into the core of female hypergamy could be a very good reason for that. The only downfall with this solution is that hormone inhibitors would act the same as a hormone replacement, which would increase the amount of estrogen in male bodies, essentially making them women. Nature is sneaky like that, so science would have to find a way to scoot around these areas. This would not be easy, but such a problem like this is never easy.

VII: Expectations Ruined: Sex Dolls Are Not A Viable Solution, But Sexbots Are

Obviously, in the beginning I felt that sex dolls would be a good solution to the problem, but I see now that this isn’t the case. There are a few factors in that equation and I’ll go through each of them before detailing the solution. As you know, I have a Sex Doll by the name of Lyzexxia. She was approximately two-thousand dollars, which I honestly think is too much to ask for as far as any man is concerned. Most people marvel at the fact that I would spend that much on a doll and we still have to consider that because of my penis size, I cannot have sex with her. All that money and the dolls are not custom ordered to fit the owner. Also, her material is a bit stiffer than flesh, so it is tougher to plunge in, quite like similar sex toys that I’ve owned. I cannot even have sex with her while using an insert and without one it is the same as just having sex in a small hole with no extra feeling. Which again, left me stuck and kind of bored by the whole experience. These dolls do not lubricate, which is a problem. They’re also cold and can be very cold on chilly nights. There’s also the weight factor as her body is made of a steel skeleton. Dolls can also become easily stained and it is not cheap to replace a head or other body parts. But it should be. Regardless, you’re talking about people who are buying cheap cellphones for a hundred or so dollars and would consider that purchase a large investment. This is not the kind of person who is going to save up for a doll. Only the more well-managed men will do such a thing. In addition to those issues, dolls can also not self-heat and the talk function remains limited on the robot hybrids. Plus, the Chinese do not design these hybrids with materials that would be considered durable and fire safe. Dolls are made with cheap materials on dozens of assembly lines in China. For those reasons, dolls will not be the solution to this issue either. They definitely help some people, but they are just one step to the next phase which with enough time and advancement, can serve as a permanent solution. This is of course is the almighty AI Waifu, the sexbot in all it’s glory. I don’t even have to mention the benefits of personal robots which would know doubt fix dozens of relationship problems throughout the world.

VIII: Third Solution: Maybe It’s Time To Learn To Love Yourself

Brought up to me by a user who commented on this question, I do feel that self-love is important, whether you learn this here now or choose another time for it. Suffice it to say that living in a material world fortified with conservative rhetoric that demonizes the body and sexuality as a whole is quite a problem in itself; let alone trying to feel comfortable in one’s own skin. Of course, “pop singer man and woman” will put out carbon copy songs telling you to love yourself, but most people have no idea what that means. Loving yourself means to literally except everything about your body, even the things that you don’t like. Having a look online yields results like https://lovegasm.co which can help you find yourself, so to speak, and help build confidence in your own body. And if you feel that you need plastic surgery to fix this and that, go ahead and do it. Just so long as it doesn’t become an obsession and fixes the self-confidence problems that you have. Of course, exercise and meditation (and not just mindfulness meditation) can help with self-confidence as well and should be tried first.

IX: Fourth Solution: Artificial Relationships

I’ve already done this topic to death, so I will spare you from any more beatings of this long decayed equine. Instead, I will merely provide links to prior articles I have done on this subject:



X: Fifth Solution: Bypassing The Sexual Organs Entirely – The Push Button Orgasm

I realize that this final method sounds outlandish, as it should. Though I should fill you in on a bit of a secret: According to some information I gleamed in a podcast, corporations have been working on this kind of technology for many years now, as it could change the way that humankind experiences sex as we know it. Essentially, this process involves rerouting hormones like vasopressin, oxytocin and dopamine directly to our brains, albeit with a far greater punch than the tiny dopamine hits that we already receive from social media. It’s been proven that these tiny dopamine hits are tiring out our amygdala, which could also be making us a bit lethargic and I would wager to say depressed as well. Kind of like light hits of ecstasy or molly as it would now be called. The highs are pleasurable, but the lows can lead to rather bleak experiences. I have a feeling that the highs from these substances hitting our brains all at once in the vein of social media could lead to even more crippling periods of depression, which could end up in mass suicide. So perhaps, this isn’t even really a solution; but mark my words that it will be tested. There is far too much money tied up into it at this point.

XI: Final Thoughts

Finally, it should be noted that there is no foolproof way to end this issue and we’ve definitely gone beyond the pale as far as any manual fixes are concerned. People will need to be reprogrammed from the algorithmic hypnosis created by social media which fed directly on dopamine. It’s ingenious if you think about it, but the end result is a species that has lost their most important function in survival, the act of mating and courtship. Some might say that this whole thing was initiated by design, but I am not quite so sure and personally see it is as a complete accident. In closing, I think that I should end on a rather common quote that I’ve witnessed a few programmers behind this social media algorithm stating in video interviews. Namely paraphrasing to say, “I think we may have created a monster.” Seems like this glass is gonna be hard to break.

– The Grim Lord

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