Hymns – Hymns (2014)

Hymns - self titled

“Now I’ve yet to hear the logistics on this, as this is essentially a band from Fayetteville, Arkansas being reviewed by a member of another band from Fayetteville, Arkansas. The only difference is that one is signed to Housecore Records and the other one is unsigned. But it’s quite easy to see why Hymns got the recognition that they deserve with this self-titled debut, as it definitely shows that our state is not without its black metal hordes. We’re in the middle of the Bible belt for crying out loud, so you can see where one might get tired of the proselytism and rebel in this fashion. And what a rebellion it is, with bludgeoning drums, blackened-thrash riffs that sometimes reek of Goatwhore and a dual vocal approach that features the trademark scowl amidst a bit of gravel. It’s an essentially abrasive mix that Logan Nelson seems to excel in, yet he does know when to quit and allow atmosphere to shine through. Will Sheffield and Aaron Shufelt certainly play their Enslaved and Emperor riffs quite well, with a bit of Immortal thrown also into the mix; while Adam Crosier utilizes several different types of rasps, scowls and other otherworldly howls to make a thrilling vocal performance. There’s a certain part in “Cryptic Fountains” where he sounds like he’s dying, but I’m not going to judge too much as being a vocalist myself; I’m sure I’ve done much worse. Let’s not forget about Brandon Friess, who manages to keep the effort thumping and really works well with Logan’s playing in making this formula as fucking abrasive as I’ve said it is…”

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