Ignitor – Haunted By Rock N’ Roll (2018) (Submission)


Haunted By Rock N’ Roll

EMP Label Group

Hailing from Texas, this long-running traditional metal act (which has had several line-up changes) is now made up of guitarist Robert Williams (Witches Mark) and bassist Billy Dansfiell (Agony Column) yet still features Jason McMaster (Watchtower, Dangerous Toys, exc) on vocals. I’ve always been a fan of McMaster’s vocal performances and this is no different. For a band that have been around for over a decade, there’s no stopping them at this point. It’s interesting that the sound classifies as heavy metal, but the album refers to rock n’ roll, quite like we’d expect from Dio when he fronted Rainbow. That being said, Ignitor are not Rainbow, but they seem to have that essence mixed in with the thrash and hard rock riffs. Williams shows that he can play with the best of them, pumping out several memorable solos when given the chance, especially when we have a song like the title cut where the worlds of rock and heavy metal seem to clash in a way that I found ultimately satisfying. I won’t say that the disc is heavily thrashy, but there are definitely some thrash to be had here, most certainly on the disc’s closer “Hung, Drawn and Quartered.” I also get a heavy Sanctuary vibe from the disc in addition to the obvious latter-era Juda Priest semblances. Basically, if you name it and it was around in the early to late eighties, you can find it here. Haunted By Rock N’ Roll sounds like a tribute to the golden age of metal, and it’s done with so much finesse and attention to detail that I think you’d have to be an idiot to miss out on it. I mean, this is the genuine article – this is what metal is all about in it’s most refined sense. It doesn’t contain harsh vocals, synths, blast beats or breakdowns, but rather works as a wonderful education program to show the younger generation what this music was like during it’s epoch. There isn’t a lackluster song to be had here, which makes it an absolute must for all fans of true heavy metal might. If you want to keep it true, you can’t go wrong with this one. You just can’t.

(9 Tracks, 44:00)


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