Immortal Bird – “Akrasia”

Immortal Bird - Akrasia

I wasn’t sure what to think of Immortal Bird at first, but now it’s obvious to me that the female fronted three-piece is one of the most intriguing and vicious progressive black metal alloys that I’ve heard in years. I was quite impressed with the act, and Rae’s vocals certainly come off as some of the most volatile in the business. There are still things out there that men just can’t quite do when it comes to harsh vocals, because they just don’t have the kind of tone that women do – which she describes here with the pummeling of “Ashen Scabland 6:12″ which sees the drums (which she also fucking plays, gentlemen) full of fire and vigor and fury. I mean, this woman can really play the fucking drums; and I’m not exaggerating on just how defined her talent is here.

Though not completely black metal (some sides even hint towards death) the band certainly are able to show off many sides to their little act; which hopefully will become much larger in the next few years. There are parts of the act that remind me of current era Enslaved in their proggyness, and Astarte at their thrashiest. Immortal Bird reminds me of what I missed when Astarte quite making records, yet they’re so much more than just a female fronted black metal act like Darkestrah. What these guys can do in one fucking song is literally mind-blowing, and if someone else isn’t noticing the same amount of pure energy and violence that I’m hearing here; they must be fucking deaf. If I was the head of a label, I’d sign these guys in a heartbeat. This is the kind of music that people want to hear in the metal scene, especially in the underground where people like their genre mixing alloys (we want to hear something new). Fans of Immortal, Astarte, Enslaved and other black metal bands who don’t mind thrashing and employing prog elements will love this. After hearing this, I’m a fan. Can I get a tee shirt?

(4 Tracks, 20:00)



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