In Obscurity Revealed – Spell Of The Seeker (2018)

In Obscurity Revealed

Spell Of The Seeker

Cyclopean Eye Productions

I have another cavernous death metal act today, this one from Mexico. The album is quite short and could be considered something of an EP. The sound is very raw and warm, though the drums pummel and the vocals are quite audible. The vocals aren’t quite what you’d expect either, with a bit more throat utilized by F.M. very much in the vein of classic Autopsy rather than the much deeper approaches of many modern acts. There is quite a bit of comparison to Autopsy here also, which certainly works for me. The riffs are present but often feel like a mere backbone in comparison to the drums and vocal outings. There is little about D.C.’s guitar work that excites me, even though it’s a wonder I am actually able to hear it on the disc. The disc almost sounds live and might be a good indication of what these guys will do on stage. Spell Of The Seeker isn’t really anything that I haven’t heard before though, so there is unfortunately very little that I can recommend from the band at this stage in the game. They’re still more or less getting their formula down, and I’m hearing more worship of the bands they’ve grown up with, than I am something truly original. Even so, you can give it a listen at the link.

(5 Tracks, 14:00)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)



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